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Reverse-Engineering Modeling Techniques in Inventor

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    Reverse engineering is an essential part of product development process. Whether you are a designer doing benchmark or retrofitting an older design, you need to work with incomplete data. Digesting the incomplete data and changing it into useful model geometry is a science and an art. Generally, most CAD tools have provided some capabilities to enable varying levels of reverse engineering. Inventor 2017 software particularly offers quite a few workflows to help the reverse engineering process. It enables the users to obtain high-fidelity results. Regardless of the formats of the source data (2D or 3D), these workflows provide interesting opportunities. This class will introduce various workflows and techniques with real-world examples. The attendees will get a better understanding of these workflows and learn how to tackle future reverse engineering tasks with ease. This session features Inventor Professional and Inventor Professional.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand basic reverse-engineering workflows in Inventor
    • Understand mesh modeling, geometry capturing, and DWG underlay
    • Understand how to use Repair Environment and Construction Environment efficiently
    • Understand how to rebuild the model as the original designer