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A Retailer's Way into 3D: IKEA

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    In this session IKEA Communications AB in Sweden will present the challenge of a retailer taking on photographic renderings of indoor homes for catalog and web. We will share the progress, starting from the first stumbling steps of product image creation to the large volumes of full room sets that are used alongside traditionally created studio photos for the catalog and on the web. During the session we will show the model/material and texture standard, and we'll discuss how it's used. We will also cover internal tools we have built with help from Autodesk Consulting. Finally, we will go over lessons learned and things we would like to solve in better ways.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how a large retailer set up 3D model standards
    • Discover how a large retailer set up 3D material standards
    • Discover the internal tools that had to be built
    • Learn about what the company still struggles with and wants to develop