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Reliable Modeling Techniques for Complex Part Design in Inventor

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    Have you ever built a 3D parametric model with Inventor software that just EXPLODED? In this class, we will learn how to build reliable, predictable, parametric part models with confidence. We will learn a structured approach that can easily be documented as an office standard. We will learn how to order our feature tree and how to make features adapt without making the model fragile. Finally, we will learn how to document our design intent to make our models easy to “read” and work with. Don't waste any more time fixing bad models. Start with great models—and make them better!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to take control of your parametric relationships
    • Learn how to build complex parametric parts that are too robust to fail
    • Learn how to document your models to make them easy to “read” and work with
    • Take away a “best practice” workflow that can become your office standard