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Reconnecting Education and Industry

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    This course will cover one main overarching subject: Why is it so necessary for education and industry to maintain a constant connection with one another? We will take a deeper dive into educational institutions that are still training students in ways that are no longer relevant, and we’ll look at how drastically this practice affects a student’s career progression using data captured by the advanced manufacturing team at Danville Community College. In parallel to this, we’ll discuss how an earlier introduction to advanced manufacturing can affect a college graduate’s impact on industry, as well as the advancement that can be made in two-year institution curriculum. Last, we will not only discuss the need for long-term, sustainable, skilled workforce pipelines, but also the need for short-term, accelerated training for veterans and/or incumbent workers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create valuable relationships between industry and education
    • Learn how to implement effective training methods
    • Learn about integrating industry needs into curriculum
    • Learn about building a robust pipeline of skilled graduates