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Realizing the Circular Economy in Tool Making with Hybrid Manufacturing

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    In this talk, we’ll explore the application of hybrid manufacturing to injection mold tools for both modification and repair, demonstrating a circular economy where tools can be modular, reusable, and rapidly modified. Hybrid manufacturing uses machine tools that combine additive and subtractive operations, and provide particular value to the modification and life extension of mold tools. We'll demonstrate a workflow using Autodesk software to (a) identify unwanted features or damage on a mold, (b) capture physical geometric data, (c) program processes to remove and repair features and damage, (d) redeposit material, and (e) machine new features. We'll demonstrate both the digital and physical aspects of the workflow, and aim to present the final physical output—a brand-new injection-molded component, made in the Autodesk Moldflow Laboratory in Kilsyth, Australia. This project is a collaboration between the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Autodesk.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use hybrid manufacturing to extend the life of and modify injection molding tools
    • Learn how to create additive and subtractive toolpaths
    • Learn how to assess the manufacturing feasibility of injection molded designs with Fusion 360 Simulation
    • Learn about the benefits and limitations of hybrid manufacturing