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Rapid and Flexible Design and Manufacturing for Motorsports Using Inventor and Inventor HSM

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    In this session, we’ll outline the setup of a new machine shop to design and manufacture complete chassis and powertrain components for the National Hot Rod Association’s (NHRA) Top Fuel and Funny Car Drag Racing team. We’ll cover the evaluation of computer numerical control (CNC) machines and software to purchase, and review the reason for choosing the package from Autodesk, Inc. We’ll discuss the application of software to create fabrication shop fixtures for chassis construction, and the design of powertrain components to reduce weight and increase stiffness. We’ll also cover the use of hardware security models (HSM) software to create CNC programs in minimal time to meet tight deadlines for a race-season debut of a new car. This session features Inventor HSM Pro and Inventor Professional.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Autodesk was used in the manufacturing and design of components
    • Learn how HSM enables design changes to be applied and manufactured in minimal time
    • Discover how flexibility in programming enables for ease of changes
    • Learn about CAD and CAM integration in small-shop manufacturing