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Racing-Drone Design Fundamentals with Fusion 360

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    Professional drone racing is now and the market is hungry for new dynamic designs to feed the sport! This class will go in depth with Fusion 360 software in tandem with Flow Design wind-tunnel simulator to demystify the working fundamentals of mainstream racing drones. Attendees will learn essential steps in creating a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)-ready, aerodynamic airframe around imported component files. This session features Fusion 360 and Flow Design.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn best practices and workflows for creating an aerodynamic racing drone
    • Understand airframes and power-trains layouts—learn how to build airframes around imported component files
    • Learn how to use Flow Design wind-tunnel simulator to guide UAV form and function in Fusion 360
    • Get empowered as a Fusion 360 designer to explore your potential for creating first-person-view racing products