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Programming All Your CNC Machines—FeatureCAM

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    Learn about the wide variety of machines available today, from simple 3-axis mills to complex 5-axis machining centers, and from simple lathes to multitasking turn-mill centers, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), and more. See how the world’s leading feature-based CAM software handles all of these machine types. This session features FeatureCAM.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use FeatureCAM software for a range of CNC machines—including 3-axis to 5-axis mills, simple lathes to multitasking turn-mill centers, wire EDM, and more
    • Learn how to program like features consistent across a wide range of machine types
    • Learn how to easily adapt existing programs for use on other machines
    • Learn how to optimize your programs to your machines