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Product Visualization Workflow from Inventor to 3ds Max to the Client

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    In the real world, one program just can’t do it all. Sketching, massing models, final design, animation, and rendering of engineering models; this class will discuss the workflow for using multiple Autodesk products in a production environment. Discover the ins & outs of this workflow, starting with a sketch, to Inventor for final design, then 3ds Max and Arnold to render the final animation. Learn how Autodesk Drive can help manage the workflow files, review the Inventor-to-3ds Max import process and how to render photo-quality images. Use Arnold materials and lights to light the scene, and composition to create compelling images. Utilize the Camera controls to adjust the scene exposure and depth of field. Get ahead of the competition by learning to create your renderings using photographic composition in a streamlined workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the connection between Inventor and 3ds Max for an optimal design workflow.
    • Import an Inventor model into 3ds Max 2023 for use with the Arnold renderer.
    • Create and configure scene materials and lighting.
    • Place cameras and configure Arnold to render the final design.