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Planning Your Connected Product Offering

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    Now that you understand a little more about what information you can collect from your connected products, how you can process the data, and how to turn it into meaningful events and reports based on your own business logic—its time to figure out how you’re going to turn all of this into a new business offering. Are you going to capitalize on customer data to drive sales opportunities; build advanced service offerings; manage assets, spares production, and availability; provide customer and partner product portals with predictive failure capabilities; or change your transaction-based business into a service? Join us in this class to understand the business offerings we can create from a connected product environment to take your company to the next level. This session features Fusion Connect and SeeControl (now Fusion Connect).

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how integrated machine monitoring and servicing can set you apart as a trusted supplier
    • Learn how Autodesk's IoT solution can be rebranded and sold to your specialist channel and customers as part of your service
    • Plan how you can drive new efficient revenue streams around product maintenance and spare parts
    • Understand the opportunity to transform into a service organization