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The Periodic Table of Forms with Fusion 360
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“Why does design so often struggle to communicate its value to the world when it's something we all recognize?” This was the question posed by Gray Holland, renowned founder of Alchemy Labs, 6 years ago when he developed the now famous Periodic Table of Forms, a table that explains how surface curves change the perception of a design. Designs have a feel. The sharp edges of a B-52 Bomber look menacing, while the curves of the VW Bug look friendly. In this hands-on workshop we will explore how Fusion 360 software unlocks these formative design types. We will explore the structure of Holland’s table and discover how to create different curvature setups. Whether you’re a new student of design and have no idea what a G0 curve is or you’re a veteran designer looking to learn new ways to adapt your portfolio aesthetics, this class sets out to inspire you to push the boundaries of design and provide you with tangible Fusion 360 software tactics to do it.

Key Learnings

  • Explore how modeling workflows impact design aesthetics
  • Discover a methodology to deliberately craft the perception of a design
  • Discover Fusion 360 software's approach to different advanced modeling techniques
  • Challenge the way you approach design exploration



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