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The Path to Smart Manufacturing: Introducing Fusion Production

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    Discover how Fusion Production software (a cloud-based tool for scheduling, tracking, and machine monitoring) works as part of a wider Autodesk manufacturing ecosystem and can give contract manufacturers and job shops a digital workflow to begin smart manufacturing. Establishing a connected network of processes within a job shop not only gives an overview of performance data, but also can be shared in upstream processes to unify the disciplines of design and manufacturing. We will demonstrate a workflow starting in CAD, moving to CAM, and ending with production management within Fusion Production. This will involve showing how we create and populate digital work instructions for process definition, conduct production tracking and quality assurance, and perform CNC machine monitoring. Finally, we will see how production data can be fed back into design and manufacturing teams to identify underperforming processes and make informed decisions to improve the return on existing assets.

    Key Learnings

    • Create and dispatch digital work instructions in Fusion Production by adding process details directly from Autodesk CAM
    • Schedule and track job sheets as they make their way across the shop floor
    • View performance reports and machine monitoring data
    • Manage task execution with mobile devices