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A PLM Case Study—Fanning the Flames of Innovation

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    Join us for an in-depth case study of Autodesk PLM 360’s use with the development of Ember - Autodesk’s Spark Powered, ultra-high resolution 3D printer.<br /><br />See how the Ember development team implemented PLM 360 and overcame challenges with Bill of Material management, the ebb and flow of Change Orders, and Supplier management in bringing this product to market. Watch how initial data was imported to Autodesk PLM 360, then how Autodesk PLM 360 was tailored for the different workflows and teams of users - from internal to contract manufacturers. Quality management, along with Compliance tracking within Autodesk PLM 360 will also be highlighted in this course. Come and see how a company operated within a company, and leveraged Autodesk PLM 360.

    Key Learnings

    • See how Autodesk PLM 360 was quickly implemented and adopted for the Ember product
    • Learn about Bill of Materials and Change Management during the Ember development process
    • See how PLM 360 is used for Supply Chain, Quality, and Compliance tracking with the Ember
    • Learn how Autodesk PLM 360 is well suited for next-generation customers