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Optimization of weld line with Moldflow and Helius PFA
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Weld lines can have negatively affect the part performance as well as the aesthetics. In this class we will discuss new developments around weld line strength prediction, and show a case study about how to improve a weld line formation after holes by using a differential of local thickness. The area around hole was split in 5 zones or thickness parameters. The maximum of change was 0.5mm. The thickness change was made in Dual domain mesh and after is generate 3D mesh. The weld line was evaluate by how many edge elements was count in “Weld Line” result. The methodology was used consist in automatic workflow using 3 main programs: ANSA is a pre-processor and responsible for change of thickness in DD mesh and export model for Autodesk Moldflow Insight; this one, by command line, is going to do 3D mesh and set up and run a fill analysis; Isight is an optimization program that will control all process and to do a DOE for measuring a sensibility of thickness around the featur. 

Key Learnings

  • Use command line to do automatic Autodesk Moldflow Insight
  • Understand DOE utilization
  • Learn how to use Simulation Moldflow software more efficiently
  • Learn how to use Helius PFA to predict weld line strength



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