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One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Autodesk PLM 360 Implementation: Sprint to the Finish

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    This class demystifies the PLM implementation process and shows through a case study that Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based software enables you to be up and running in a matter of months. We focus on giving attendees an overview of the steps involved in a PLM 360 implementation and the steps that are necessary to plan for integration with other software including Vault Professional data management software, CRM, ERP, and MES. This class also explores the use of PLM 360 to improve cross-functional teamwork and global collaboration, as well as process and data optimization with innovative implementation use cases. If you are considering implementing Autodesk PLM 360 or are just about to begin, this class helps you prepare for your experience and gives you the knowledge to prepare ahead and accelerate the process.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the PLM 360 implementation process, including the capability of and planning for integration with other software
    • Adopt key techniques to accelerate implementation and facilitate the process within their organization
    • Improve workflows, cross functional and global collaboration, and overall efficiency with innovative use cases for PLM 360
    • Use PLM 360 to optimize the development process, data collection, project management, and customer interactions