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Nonlinear Static Simulation of an Oil & Gas Multi-Contact Seal Application.

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    The simulation will cover the setup of a rotational symmetric nonlinear static simulation with a nonlinear material model, hyperelastic or plastic elastic model. The sealing application will have several parts made from nonlinear polymeric materials where it’s essential to have a good set of material data and the presentation will show examples of this. The different parts in the application will have multiple contact areas where it is important to select the correct face to face setup for frictional, penetration and stabilization of the contact. The simulation will also show how to use multiple subcases to facilitate additional loading with a temperature increase and a hydraulic pressure build up. This simulation will give a good impression of the initial deformation of the loaded parts.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Learn how to use the improved contact in Nastran 2023.
    • 2. Learn the setup of a multibody nonlinear static simulation.
    • 3. Learn the setup of proper nonlinear material models for rubber or plastic like materials.
    • 4. Learn how to run a simulation with multiple loading, enforced motion, temperature change, and hydraulic pressure buildup.