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New and Improved—How the National CAD Standard Is Adapting to Industry Trends
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The United States National CAD Standard (NCS) released Version 6 after its members delivered a consensus vote agreeing on an unprecedented amount of content. The magnitude of change in content can be daunting, but this class will simply categorize the changes to get users up to speed quickly. The class will feature a panel of subject-matter experts who developed content for V6. Attendees will gain a perspective of not only what is in the new version, but also why it is important, and how they can implement the changes. Don't be fooled by the word CAD in the name. The NCS is the foremost graphical and drawing set standard in the United States, and the content applies to many types of software platforms. The class is applicable to first-time or long-time users of the NCS, and will provide a baseline of information for developing or updating organizational standards. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Identify and locate new content within the NCS V6
  • Understand why the new content is relevant
  • Learn how to extend the NCS with custom content by understanding the framework
  • Learn how to implement new content into existing standards and processes


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