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Moldflow Injection Molding Simulation: Research and Development update

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    This presentation will introduce recent and current research topics related to the Autodesk Moldflow injection molding simulation solvers, including the prediction of final part shape after molding, the behavior of the polymer melt during cavity filling, pack and cooling and the prediction of visual defects which may results in the molded part. In particular, improvements in the warp prediction accuracy for 3D model geometries by making use of measured shrinkage calibration data will be discussed, as well the elimination of model size restrictions for 3D warp analysis. Improvements in accuracy of Dual-Domain corner effects warpage will be demonstrated along with options for examining plastic part deformation after assembly.

    Key Learnings

    • Access new and improved capabilities in the Moldflow Injection Molding simulations
    • Anticipate material characterization requirements
    • Visualize prediction of additional visual defects
    • Analyze larger, more complex model geometries