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Battle Royale—Round 2: The Continued Clash of Approaches Using Simulation Moldflow

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    Last year we explored different approaches to injection molding simulations with Simulation Moldflow Insight software. This year we will dive into approaches to measuring warpage results. We have given individual users a problem to solve using Simulation Moldflow Insight software. We will present their approaches, and then we will compare and contrast the different approaches. Analyisto e analyisto, it’s a showdown you don’t want to miss. Let’s get ready to rumble! This session features Moldflow Insight.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover that different approaches can be taken to the same request
    • Understand the various approaches to measuring warpage results
    • Have a fun interactive time with other Simulation Moldflow Insight analysts
    • Have a fun interactive time with other Moldflow Insights analysts