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A look at Changan Motor Group’s application of Moldflow in automotive interior and exterior parts

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     Moldflow Insight software is used to develop automotive interior and exterior in China’s Chang’an Automobile Group, from the stage of engineering design to part's structure design then to mold design and molding condition optimize also include the trouble shooting after the first trial. Based on the comparison between the experiment and Moldflow Insight results, Chang’an successfully built an analysis standard and results judge standard. With the help of API, Chang’an created many programs to automatically do the model create, molding condition optimize, results judge, and so on. To meet the assessment criteria of GDT which was used on the part of motor, normally defined the tolerance of fit. Changan's analyst explore and studied a new way to simulate and examine the part's GDT by co-work with Moldflow Insight, Digimat, and Abaqus. This class will use many actual case to show these application, through that we can see the benefit of use right  Moldflow Insight application strategy in the development of automotive interior and exterior new part.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Simulation Moldflow in the development of automotive interior and exterior
    • Learn how to use Simulation Moldflow API to help the user automatic create analysis model, optimize molding process, and judge analysis results
    • Learn how to simulate the tolerance of fit relate to the part's GDT requirement
    • Learn how to simulate the assembly component and examine the tolerance base on each part's deflection