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Maximizing Performance with Autodesk® Inventor®

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    Selecting the right system to run Autodesk Inventor software can be a difficult task. This class will give you guidance to help narrow down the right hardware for your needs. The next step is to tune the system for the best performance based on your project characteristics. This class will cover the different hardware, operating system, and Inventor settings to get the best performance. You will learn how to select the right CPU, graphics card, amount of memory, and storage devices. We will explain how to adjust Inventor and operating system performance settings. Finally, we will discuss other hardware optimizations and performance factors that will enable you to maximize performance. Attendees will leave with the knowledge and confidence to select the appropriate hardware and settings to get the most from Autodesk Inventor.

    Key Learnings

    • Tune the system and software to maximize performance
    • List the benefits of selecting the right hardware
    • Describe the hardware needs for Autodesk Inventor
    • Select the right hardware for your needs