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Maximizing the Benefits of Generative Design

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    Come learn from an expert in generative design! In this class, we’ll look at how to maximize the benefits of generative design and the typical workflows that industries will use to turn these generated designs into real parts. We’ll cover how to use starting shapes to manipulate the generated results, and how to post process and carry out further analysis on your parts. And we’ll also look at some more-advanced workflows for various manufacturing methods. We’ll cover a range of case studies and detailed workflows to help you produce incredible designs for additive manufacturing, computer numerical control (CNC), injection molding, and die casting. We’ll also review some of the considerations you need to make in the simulation environment to ensure a safe design. This is your opportunity to learn about exploiting generative design!

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how generative design works
    • Learn how to apply generative design to real-world parts
    • Learn about advanced workflows to create better designs
    • Learn how to use the simulation environment to ensure safe designs