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In the Map Vault: Using Autodesk® Vault to Manage Production, Construction, and Operational Maps for Utilities

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    This class will provide attendees with a detailed exploration how to use Autodesk Vault software to organize, manage, and disseminate maps stored in DWG™ files. Specifically, you will learn how Autodesk Vault can be integrated closely with AutoCAD® Map 3D software for design, production, and operational maps. We will demonstrate how Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server software can be used in conjunction with Autodesk Vault to globally visualize the contents of the vault in geographic space. We will discuss workflows that can be configured to ensure secure access to project drawings for engineering, design, field inspections, and construction. Finally, we will explain how Autodesk Vault can complement a GIS-centric implementation that uses Oracle® Spatial or ArcIMS.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Autodesk Vault to manage critical drawings to complement GIS implementations
    • Configure Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server to visualize the contents of Autodesk Vault on a global basis
    • Deploy Autodesk Vault in a utility or engineering environment that is mapping and geographically oriented
    • Tightly integrate Autodesk Map 3D with Autodesk Vault to provide more than just DWG project management