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Making Training Sticky: Be Project-Ready with Training Designed for High Retention and Quick Review

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    Learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer, and apply your technical skills to real-world projects better. Join this panel of industry and education experts who have successfully implemented effective Autodesk training programs that are designed to improve retention by increasing the "stickiness factor." Understand how an interactive, closed-loop learning methodology of short subtopics will optimize concentration and engagement, resulting in a more effective transfer of knowledge from short-term to long-term memory (the stickiness factor). Skip the check-box approach and integrate the right learning style for the right learning objective at the right time. All too often, knowledge is lost in the timing between training and application. Learn how these organizations have prioritized high-retention, quick-review training to ensure that their staff or students are ready for projects on-demand.

    Key Learnings

    • Improve the timing of training for high retention and quick review
    • Implement strategies to build excitement and drive adoption for new training initiatives
    • List the four key points of building a high-retention training program
    • Effectively evaluate, differentiate, and improve training programs