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Making with the Consumer Fabrication Apps: 3D Print Utility, CNC Utility, and 123D Make

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    Instead of sending your model plans out to a shop, why not make them yourself? This hands-on lab gives attendees of all levels familiarity with a suite of Autodesk® software designed to empower the DIY revolution and greatly simplify personal fabrication. Attendees are guided through 3 projects to prepare for 3D printing, computer numerical control (CNC) routing, and laser cutting. Whether you are an architect or an artist, you will leave with a keen understanding of why you would choose 1 fabrication method over another and how to use machines to make your designs real. Machine tools will be present in the lab.

    Key Learnings

    • Design with a specific fabrication method in mind
    • Create output files for CNC routing
    • Optimize meshes for 3D printing
    • Create output files for laser cutting