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Machinable Wax, Carvey, and Fusion 360 CAM: A Dream Team for Education or Prototyping
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For years I've used 3D printers when teaching workshops to young (and not so young) makers. As delighted as participants are to see their objects appear, we always run out of time. This same problem applies to my design and prototyping cycle. A computer numerical control (CNC) router can, in many cases, cut the same object in less time. Inventables' Carvey is luggable, enclosed, and features a safety interlock-perfect for groups of young people. And it's extremely well supported by Fusion 360 computer-aided machining (CAM). Add in machinable wax, and you've got the perfect material for learning: you can run at high feed rates, you don't have to contend with fine particulates, and you can recover and reuse nearly 100% of the material for the next workshop. I'll share my process, tips, and techniques for using this combination to go from model to material quickly, quietly, and cleanly.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to rapidly prototype 3D objects using subtractive techniques
  • Learn about reusing subtractive waste material with appliances found in many kitchens
  • Explore alternative CAM toolpaths with nearly zero waste
  • Learn how to teach CAM using Fusion 360 with youth-friendly tools and materials




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