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Location, Location, Location: Live Maps in AutoCAD Workflows

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    Come and see firsthand the productivity-boosting advancements in location-based workflows for AutoCAD 2014 software, including AutoCAD LT® and industry-specific AutoCAD products. Easily locate your design in the real world just by entering a site address and bring satellite images, maps, and field data directly into AutoCAD. This class walks you through the new location capabilities that are enabled with AutoCAD 2014. Join us to find out more about how you can collaborate and connect your office and fieldwork together with AutoCAD desktop, web, and mobile. For example, you can start your project with in-canvas live maps or use the GPS in your mobile device to accurately place yourself in your AutoCAD design where you can simply add photos, notes, and new locations as you walk through your site.

    Key Learnings

    • Use advancements in geolocation features for AutoCAD 2014 products, including AutoCAD LT
    • Access live map data directly in any AutoCAD 2014 product
    • Work with geolocated satellite and aerial imagery and orthophotography in AutoCAD 2014
    • Seamlessly connect your AutoCAD desktop to a vast array of mobile devices