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A Little less Talk - Inventor Professional Tube & Pipe Demo
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Talking about a topic is one thing, seeing it is something else. This class will be a live demonstration of some of the key things to know about working with Inventor Tube & Pipe. I will demonstrate getting into the Tube & Pipe environment, set up a tube & pipe style, create a pipe assembly, add pipe runs and create pipe routes in them. I will then populate those routes using various tube & pipe styles. I will also edit and even break some of these routes to show ways of fixing things when your plan inevitably falls apart. The techniques shown will be those I use every day, but may not be the only correct methods.

Key Learnings

  • 1. Getting started with the Tube & Pipe environment in Inventor Professional
  • 2. Creating and managing Tube & Pipe styles
  • 3. Creating Pipe Runs & Routes
  • 4. Editing, modifying and repairing pipe runs & routes.



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