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Lightning Strikes Twice: Revisiting Generative Design for Mass Production

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    Lightning Motorcycles has been breaking records in the world of e-bikes since the company entered the market. The LS-218 is pushing electric and gasoline-powered motorcycles to be the fastest production bike on the market. But pure performance is not the only goal; Lightning is focused on providing consumers with the best quality and value in every product it creates. Key to meeting these goals and staying ahead of the competition are new technology and ways of thinking. Lightning was an early adopter of generative design. Collaboratively, we produced a part-consolidation and lightweighting workflow that saved 30% of target component mass. In this class, we’ll show you how developments within generative design can be used to gain these benefits, while ensuring cost-effective manufacturing. This talk will cover workflows used within Fusion 360 software, maximizing the integrated simulation, generative design, and manufacturing tools to better understand the part and its performance.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply generative design manufacturing methods to create designs suitable for mass production
    • Learn how to implement an integrated generative design and validation loop within Fusion 360
    • Learn how to apply generative design to multiple bodies within a singular assembly
    • Learn how to create a workflow to enhance the cost-effective manufacturing of generative design outcomes