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Leveraging Entwine LiDAR datasets within Civil3D & ReCap Pro

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    In this session we will explore Entwine Point Tiles (over 40 Trillion points), and how to consume them inside of Civil 3D as a surface (via point cloud) in mere minutes. As large point cloud datasets become ubiquitous in the AEC community, open-source libraries and software dedicated to manipulating these datasets are valuable tools for those in the geospatial community and civil engineers. Entwine is a free online cloud repository that anyone can access, and with this technical instruction go from zero (knowledge) to office hero in mere minutes!

    Key Learnings

    • Find LiDAR data for your area of work or even business development quickly
    • Clean & generate a consumable point cloud within Civil 3d in minutes
    • Make better informed proposals before a contract is created
    • Have a more refined understanding of grading constraints early in your project lifecycle