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Let Lady Gaga Sing: Getting the Most Out of Your Vault Professional Job Processors
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Vault Professional software comes with the free Job Processor application. In my company, we call our Job Processors "Lady Gaga," and we like to keep them "singing." We are running a globally replicated Vault Professional system, with many Job Processors attached to the replicated servers. Here we can use the Job Processor application to work on Vault jobs for us and speed up production in our engineering environment. This instructional demo will cover tips and hacks of the Job Processor, from workstation setup and optimization to clustering, scheduled tasks, advanced logging, and much more. Some of these tips and tricks are obvious, but some are also hidden. We will get your Vault Professional jobs running smoothly and more effectively.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to set up a Job Processor on a workstation or server
  • Gain tips and tricks on job processor configuration
  • Learn how to use the Task Scheduler to schedule the application
  • Learn how to customize job functions and error logging


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