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Let the Good Times Flow: Advanced Workflow Behaviors

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    Have you ever wanted your item workflow to do more for you? Do you find yourself wondering who should do what and when? Ever ponder how to make your synchronous workflow behave more synchronously when integration with Vault software? Say goodbye to those boring old workflows! Learn how to go beyond the limitations of mere group-based precondition scripts and instead provide permissions on an item-by-item basis. Learn how to expose the current status of your items at every transition, thereby providing greater and simpler reporting. See how you can use a workflow state to create an effective way to align your Vault software transactions without having those messy Vault software errors disrupt your item status. This class will be heavy on coding with lots of examples, so be ready and get your nerd on.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to transition permission based upon a named user(s)
    • Learn about complex workflow mapping based upon item metadata
    • Learn about dynamic system for user accountability
    • Learn how to capitalize on secondary workflow states to enhance productivity