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Learning Futures: Investment Strategies, Trends, and Directions Revealed!

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    Years ago, there were only 2 ways to become productive with Autodesk® software: you could go to a training class or hire a trainer to teach you. With cuts in companies' traditional training budgets, major corporations are shifting training resources away from costly traditional instructor-led training to cost-effective solutions. We are in the middle of a significant shift in instructional methods and delivery vehicles. This roundtable session reviews the broad spectrum of training options that are available, from traditional books and instructor-led classroom training to flipped classrooms using interactive eBooks, web-based synchronous and asynchronous videos, discussion forums, and even social media. If you are a leading-edge innovator, corporate training manager, trainer, industry consultant, or simply an Autodesk product user, join us in discussing trends and analyzing real-life successes and the challenges of maintaining your competitive edge by implementing diverse training solutions.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the challenges of training today's Autodesk product users
    • Identify the limitations of current training options and alternatives
    • Develop a plan and strategy for delivering effective personalized training for improved productivity
    • Determine measurable metrics for assessing the effectiveness of personalized training