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21st-Century Training and Performance Support for Today’s Consumer-Driven Learners
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Today, with easy web search tools and streaming content, access to knowledge is becoming ubiquitous. But are people learning and becoming more productive? We are in the middle of a significant shift in instructional methods and delivery vehicles. Today's learners are not only driving where and when they want to learn, but also what they want to learn. Traditional books and instructor-led classroom training are making way for flipped classrooms using interactive eBooks, web-based synchronous and asynchronous videos, discussion forums, and even social media. How do we drive true performance support and improved productivity? Content needs to be adaptive based on your current knowledge, skills, and practices to incrementally improve productivity. If you are an innovator; corporate training manager; trainer; industry consultant; or simply an Autodesk, Inc., product user—join us in exploring the common trends and the less obvious directions of today’s consumer-driven learners.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the challenges of training today's Autodesk product users
  • Discover current trends and directions for learning and training
  • Learn how to identify the limitations of current training options and alternatives
  • Develop a plan and strategy for delivering effective, personalized training for improved productivity


21st-Century Training for Today’s Consumer-Driven Learners

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