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Hands-on Lab    CP10731-L
Learn to Create Professional, Stunning Reports with MS Office and the Synergy API
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The report generator currently provided with the Moldflow Insight software user interface is powerful but somewhat inflexible. In this class you will discover how you can combine the Moldflow Insight software API with applications within the Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, and so on) to produce highly customization, visually stunning reports. You will learn how to simply extract geometry, mesh material data, images, animations, and screen output data into a report. We will show several example reports.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how anybody can create a custom report using the Simulation Moldflow Synergy UI and office
  • Discover how the Simulation Moldflow Synergy API is used to generate data for custom reports
  • Discover how to customize the report for your needs
  • Be inspired by example reports


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