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LISPing Eloquently—How to Draw Using AutoLISP
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This course will move beyond the basics course. It will cover the functions necessary to gather and use various data types. You’ll learn how to get data from the user of your programs, and then manipulate and apply that data in various ways. You’ll learn how to automate the drawing process in AutoCAD software. The course will start with a short review of data types, then move directly into getting, storing, and using these data types. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to access AutoCAD software’s drawing commands via AutoLISP—and will understand how to go well beyond what is taught in the course, applying the learned concepts to your daily work routine—so that your tasks will not be so routine! We guarantee that you can learn this language and become more productive.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use the Visual LISP Editor to write and format simple LISP routines
  • Learn how to get and store specific data using the correct LISP functions
  • Pass the stored data to AutoCAD software’s drawing commands via AutoLISP
  • Learn how to automate the drawing process in your working environment


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