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Keys to Successful Cost-Management Implementation

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    The vast majority misunderstand the implementation of any software. Software implementation is not always just a tool replacement; it can often become a complete overhaul of people, processes, and technology. Cost overruns can be detrimental to a project and to companies' overall financial health. Cost Management in Autodesk Build is a robust tool that offers complete project cost control. It simplifies complex workflows and enables a firm to establish a standardized approach to managing costs on a project. Implementation of Cost Management affects all aspects of an organization. Therefore, a strategic approach, dedicated resources, and proper expectations are necessary for successful implementation. In this session, we'll discuss the key pillars of a successful implementation, including integration into an ERP system.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how cost management implementation requires balancing people, processes, and technology.
    • Learn how understanding resource requirements is necessary for a successful implementation.
    • Discover the importance of training for a successful implementation.
    • Discover easy-to-follow standard operating procedures to create a clear direction for cost management activities.