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Keynote Address: The Answer Is Outside

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    Join Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and CTO Jeff Kowalski as they present today's most compelling trends in design and technology—from 3D printing and infinite computing to advanced simulation and digital fabrication. Watch Penn & Teller perform a magic trick with Autodesk’s Jonathan Knowles. Find out how new mindsets, such as crowdsourcing, enhanced cross-disciplinary collaboration, and bottom-of-the-pyramid innovation are changing the way we work. It's a big picture presentation about where design technology is, where it's going—and how Autodesk and its customers are working to imagine, design, and create a better world.

    Key Learnings

    • Outside the tools they've typically used
    • Outside the people they've usually collaborated with
    • Outside the work they've traditionally done
    • Outside the sources of insight that they've depended upon.