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Iterative concept design with Spacemaker & Revit

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    In this session we demonstrate how Spacemaker can be leveraged to quickly kick-off a project and validate design decisions. Saving you time and effort, we’ll demonstrate the ideal workflow to combine the strengths of Spacemaker and Revit. From project setup and validating concept proposals using Spacemaker's user friendly analysis tools we'll give you a thorough beginners guide to get you started in the software. We'll wrap up the session with a demo of the Revit add in to easily migrate your proposals to Revit for further design development. Need to tweak your proposals - we'll show how to migrate your proposal back into Spacemaker for further analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Project setup in Spacemaker
    • Iterate design and real-time analyses in Spacemaker
    • Pushing Spacemaker proposals to Revit with the Revit Addin
    • Pushing Revit proposals back to Spacemaker for updated analysis