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Inventor Tools: Efficiency Beyond the Designer's Desk
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This class will be a case study that looks behind the scenes on improving workflow efficiency in a small job-shop situation. We will review the “before” situation, looking at the workflows that were in place before implementing the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, and develop an understanding of where improvements could be made. Once that discovery process is complete, we’ll discuss the key areas that are identified for improvement, and then look over some new workflows that will capitalize on the Inventor tools included in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to increase efficiency. We will show some real-life examples of jobs that have been run through the shop with the old workflows in place and compare them to the same job run with new workflows to proof out our implementation.

Key Learnings

  • Understand workflow between 2D AutoCAD and Inventor (sheet metal)
  • Learn how to capitalize on the Inventor Nesting Utility for simplifying the preparation of sheet metal cutting operations
  • Discover the ease of integrating Autodesk HSM into a small-scale job shop
  • See the value built into Inventor and its application outside of the design department


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