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Inventor Flexible Modeling

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    Autodesk, Inc., continues to enhance Inventor software modeling providing flexible and powerful tools to perform hybrid-modeling workflows. In this class we will discuss the various modeling methods available within Inventor software, with specific focus on the new and enhanced Freeform tools in Inventor 2016 software that empower designers to quickly and easily create, explore, iterate, and optimize designs, providing a truly connected design experience. The class includes a product demonstration illustrating the creation of an automotive wing mirror housing. The complex organic form of the wing mirror model is readily applicable to other industries, such as consumer product and industrial design.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Inventor hybrid modeling methods
    • Learn how to create beautiful organic forms using Inventor Freeform tools
    • Learn how to quickly and easily create, explore, iterate, and optimize designs
    • Learn how to combine Inventor Freeform tools with surface/solid workflows