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Inventor Drawing Manager Tips and Tricks

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    In this practical class, you learn the following tips and tricks: how to add the scale value from the first view on the sheet and put it in the title block, how to include the plot date in the title block, how to add the Density property and other properties to a parts list and bill of materials (BOM), how to add model iProperty to the drawing revision table, how to automatically update drawing properties from model iProperties, how to remove trailing zeros of referenced parameters in leader text, how to associate by default materials to solid hatch in section views, how to create sheet formats with views, and how to have a parts-only parts list and a structured parts list in 1 drawing. This class covers several workflows that answer the most common questions Inventor software users have about the Drawing Manager.

    Key Learnings

    • Insert desired properties in the drawing title block, parts list, and revision tables
    • Automatically update the model properties in a drawing
    • Associate materials to solid hatch in section view by default
    • Create sheet formats with views