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Introduction to Visual Basic® for Applications for AutoCAD

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    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming environment that allows you to automate tasks using the Visual Basic programming language. This hands-on lab explores how to access and use the VBA integrated development environment (VBAIDE) and work with the AutoCAD object model. You learn to work with data, manipulate AutoCAD software objects, get input from a user, store values, work with basic conditionals, and other programming concepts. This is a beginner-level class for VBA programming and is not something you want to take if you already have experience with VBA programming.

    Key Learnings

    • Create and load a VBA project file from the VBA integrated development environment
    • Identify the classes, properties, and methods that are available in the AutoCAD object library
    • Create and modify objects in the current drawing
    • Collect input from the user via the command line or user form