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An Introduction to Alias for Product (Industrial) Design

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    An introduction to the world of Alias Product Design, Concept Modelling and Detailed Surface Modelling. We look at how Automation can speed up the design process – allowing faster and more informed design making as well creating shareable and re-usable IP across the design pipeline. Experience based decision making is becoming more important and we look at trends and offer insights into how this can help Industrial and Product designers gather customers insights. Disparate tools needs cross team and cross function collaboration – making the designers of tomorrow even more efficient. Making decisions faster (with confidence) across teams and geographies is key. Finally we believe that the future of design will start with the customer – and how we ensure that connection works (as well as enterprise wide integration) in a seamless manner.

    Key Learnings

    • See how Alias can help streamline Industrial Design with unique and customisable digital design tools.
    • See how Automation and Design IP can be shared and re-used across Design teams and distributed across the Enterprise.
    • Experience the benefits of a connected and unified 'SUBD to Tooling' pipeline for projects big and small
    • See how Python Scripting, Dynamo Templates, Feature Design & Collaboration can customize your workflow and extend your reach.