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Introducing Secure Development Methods and Concepts for AutoCAD Plug-ins

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    AutoCAD software has been the target of hacker attacks for industrial espionage. Many of these hackers have been primarily driven to steal intellectual property. There are a number of steps that the AutoCAD Security Team have implemented to enhance the security in AutoCAD 2016 software. This class will cover the topic of securing your AutoCAD software plug-ins. We will examine digital signatures and cryptographic algorithms, including public key infrastructure (PKI). Learn how to get certificates, creating your own self-signed certificates. You will also learn how to sign your executable including LISP files using your certificate and deploy them. And finally, you will learn the best practices when loading plug-ins.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover digital signature and public key infrastructure (PKI)
    • Learn how to create and deploy a self-signed x509 certificate
    • Learn how to sign the executable using the x509 certificate
    • Learn how to determine the trusted plug-in from the trusted publisher dialog