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Hands-on Lab    EDU225620-L
Intelligent PDFs with All the Fixin’s: AutoCAD PDF Creation, Import, and Cleanup
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In this class you are going to learn the tricks of PDFs with AutoCAD software. Now more than ever since AutoCAD PDFs can be imported back into AutoCAD as actual AutoCAD entities, we will walk you through not only how to create PDFs in AutoCAD, but also how to add all the cool little features, like including layer information and hyperlinks, and capturing font information during creation. Then, we will review these features on how they behave inside the PDF reader. Next, we will import that PDF back into AutoCAD as geometry and show you how to understand and control the way geometry gets re-created. Lastly, we will show you how to fix the AutoCAD SHX Text issue that comes back in as geometry, and teach you how it can be converted back into text objects, and then into Mtext.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create intelligent PDFs
  • Learn how to use intelligent PDFs in reader and AutoCAD
  • Learn how to import PDFs back into AutoCAD as CAD geometry
  • Learn how to fix the SHX text issue during PFD Import


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