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Intel Processor Graphics, Ready to Serve from the Cloud and Client

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    Save time, hassle and money on your hardware for Autodesk tools. Intel® Processor Graphics have made tremendous generational improvements in performance and features. The value of Moore's law pays off in spades as you can now leverage Intel® Iris™ Pro's discrete level of graphics performance in a cost and power optimized solution. Learn about the new server based graphics, enabling you the flexibility to work anywhere on any device. Whether you leverage is in a workstation or on a server, our integration CAD certified graphics meets the needs of mainstream workflows. Learn how incredibly dense and powerful solutions lets you take advantage of the power of Intel's Iris™ Pro Graphics and Intel® Xeon® processor E3 technologies that are enabling an entire new way to deliver Rich application as a Service in the cloud. Experience a completely cloud based workflow that Digital Content Creators can help users rapidly prototype/publish/test their content.

    Key Learnings

    • Overview of Intel® Processor Graphics features and capabilities for the cloud
    • This session explores of our compute and media advances in the cloud.
    • Intel® Processor Graphics usages including: Cloud Transcode, Remote Desktop & Workstation
    • lower cost workstations providing you the most from your hardware investment.