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Integrating .NET Code with AutoCAD I/O to Add Design Intelligence to Your Website

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    Over the last decade or so, software developers have amassed a significant amount of intellectual property harnessing AutoCAD software's .NET API. AutoCAD I/O enables standard AutoCAD software commands, as well as those implemented in .NET, to be executed in the cloud, generating results that you can integrate into your own business-to-business or business-to-customer website. This class will take a concrete example of a .NET application creating custom jigsaw puzzles inside AutoCAD software. During the class we will show how to move the core implementation to AutoCAD I/O via the Core Console, and then make use of this to power a new business-to-customer website. Potential customers will be able to specify custom designs for jigsaw puzzles and visualize the results before finalizing their orders.

    Key Learnings

    • Get started with the AutoCAD I/O service
    • Learn how to take existing AutoCAD .NET applications and create "core" modules
    • Learn how to drive AutoCAD I/O with custom .NET application from a website or web service
    • Learn how to integrate the results from AutoCAD I/O, displaying them via the web