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Integrated ECAD, Modeling, and CAM in Fusion 360

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    Inspired by the integrated product-development capabilities in Fusion 360 software, this class will walk through the advantages of using the multidisciplinary workspaces (ECAD, modeling, CAM) of the product-innovation platform. You will learn how to save time and money while avoiding frustration by rapidly exploring iterations of a design to optimize a printed circuit board (PCB) and mechanical components for an electromechanical assembly. To fully encompass the design process, we will use ECAD and EAGLE to address basic PCB design principles. We will then use the PCB design to create a parametric electromechanical assembly in Fusion 360, after which, we will use the CAM workspace to develop machining operations for the mechanical components. Finally, we will make a design change to the base PCB component, and we will update the assembly model and CAM operations to illustrate the efficiency and interdisciplinary communication benefits of integrated product development in Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the advantages of designing with multidisciplinary workflows in Fusion 360 for ECAD, MCAD, and CAM
    • Learn how to save money, effort, and time by finding and addressing design problems before beginning manufacturing processes
    • Learn how to use the parametric CAM workspace of Fusion 360 to rapidly iterate and optimize for manufacturing
    • Understand the team communication benefits of a fully integrated electrical and mechanical workflow