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Innovate Faster: Capitalize On the Autodesk and Ansys Technology Partnership

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    Panelists from Autodesk and Ansys and customers, will come together for a discussion around new product-development processes that can help you achieve new values for your company. We will start by discussing some common problems that businesses face, and pressures within the design and manufacturing industry such as skilled-worker shortages, wasted engineering and production time, and the continued pressure to drive competitive advantages. Based on these pressures, there is an opportunity to capitalize on new technologies, new materials, and new processes to make products better. These processes will drive business values such as increased productivity, faster innovation, and increased flexibility to implement design changes without implementing new manufacturing processes. The goal of this panel is to drive discussion around these business outcomes and the technologies and processes that enable them.

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss utilizing multiple technologies and new processes for innovation success.
    • Identify and associate solutions to the challenges within your business.
    • Gather evidence from other companies that have been able to apply these processes to facilitate an initiative.
    • Discover what kinds of problems the joint solution between Autodesk and Ansys can address.